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Everything You Need to Know About the Permanent Lip Color Healing Process

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Permanent Lip Color Healing Process

Your permanent lip embroidery healing process should be simple.

While some swelling is common after having your lip colour tattooed, as long as you are in good health and have picked the correct artist, you should be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and safely your lips heal. The duration of your permanent lip colour will be affected by proper aftercare. We’ll look at how your permanent lipstick will look while it heals and the two most prevalent types of lip-blushing aftercare.

How Your Lip Color Can Help You Heal

Days 1-2: You love your new lip colour!

As the pigment oxidises, your colour will darken briefly during the day.

Swelling will have subsided by days 3-14.

Your lips will get dry and begin to flake. Allow natural shedding to occur. As your lips peel, the colour of your lips will appear incredibly pale and “frosty.” This is merely a transient condition because you are still recovering. Your lip colour will resurface over the next few days until it fully blooms.

Days 28-42: It’s time to check-in.

By this point, your lips should be completely healed, and it is recommended that you return to touch up any colour that may have healed too lightly or unevenly. The second layer of new colour will be applied on top of your prior colour, resulting in a more saturated and longer-lasting lip. You will also have the opportunity to modify the contour during this session if desired.

Aftercare for Permanent Lip Makeup: Wet Heal vs Dry Heal

Here are the two most popular aftercare treatments used by permanent lip-blushing artists worldwide:

Wet Healing

Today, most permanent lip colour artists have their clients recover using wet Healing. Following your consultation, your artist will instruct you to blot your lips with cotton pads every 15 minutes. Depending on your artist’s preferences, you’ll do this for 3-5 days. You’ll also use a lip colour healing gel to keep your lips from drying out.

  • PROS: There will be no scabbing, and your lip colour will recover more uniformly.
  • CONS: You’ll need to perform some work and carry an aftercare kit with you.

Heal Dry

Wet Healing has a longer history than dry Healing. All permanent lip colour artists used to have their clients heal this way, and some still do. However, dry Healing is exactly what it sounds like. You never get your permanent lip colour wet when healing! You do not touch your lips after your appointment. You let them heal on their own without any help.

  • PROS: You have nothing to do, and no aftercare kit is necessary.
  • CONS: You’ll have a lot of scabbing and lose a lot of pigment while recovering.

Even though wet Healing has been demonstrated to provide the most promising healed results, dry Healing is still widely used. You can discuss your artist’s healing process and what they expect from you when mending with them.

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