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Unraveling The Timeless Charm: Anarkali Suits Decoded

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Charm Anarkali Suits Decoded

It is no surprise that the name Anarkali suit takes you back to the Mughal era or to the times when the legendary actress Madhubala danced to the song ‘Jab pyar kia to darna kya’. This beautiful Indian attire is a symbol of the richness of our country. Another form of salwar kameez, an Anarkali suit set, was worn by women in India. This iconic suit is known for its tight-fitting torso and flared bottom. It speaks of the time when the Mughals ruled our country. These suits are able to maintain their exceptional charm even today. Today the Anarkali suit is preferred for almost every special occasion, be it a wedding or a festive party. The suit design is loved by women of all ages. Even celebrities are often seen making public appearances wearing an Anarkali. 

Anatomy of Anarkali Suits

An Anarkali suit set has won the hearts of many women. Any Indian wardrobe is incomplete without an Anarkali suit. The royal charm of this suit is what makes you look captivating and lovely. An Anarkali suit is fitted at the top and flared at the bottom. You can carry it with or without pants, depending upon its length. It comes in versatile styles, ranging from fitted to flared. Generally, these suits have a long floor length, but with modern fashion elements, designers have come up with Anarkali suits for weddings that are asymmetrical in length or can reach up to your ankle. Look for design elements, embroidery, and delicate embellishments while bringing home your most loved piece from KALKI fashion.

Types of Anarkali Suits

If you are looking to dazzle the world with your fashion choices, then an Anarkali suit is the best bet. From embroidered ones to Indo-Western designs, a georgette Anarkali suit will never let you down.

  • If you wish to take your fashion game to another level, try designer or embroidered Anarkali suits online. They not only look visually attractive but have a magnificent charm about them.
  • The jacket-style Anarkali suit is another great choice if you wish to layer up in style. The long jacket over the suit adds the much-needed panache to your look.
  • Cape Anarkali gown adds a dash of modernity to your look. It looks royal and is perfect for a cocktail or engagement party.
  • Angrakha Anarkali suits are deeply rooted in Indian culture and are perfect for formal occasions. The charming cross-over style with two flaps that are tied at the side will have your heart.

Try different varieties of Anarkali suits online with varied lengths and designs and create a new look every time.

Fabrics and Embellishments

You can find Anarkali suits for weddings in different fabrics, but the most suitable ones that will elevate the look of your outfits are silk and georgette. You will also love the lightweight nature of chiffon and cotton fabrics. Velvet seems perfect for winter or formal wear. Other than fabrics, also make sure that you pay attention to the embellishment techniques. The nature of each fabric is different, so the embellishment the fabric can hold is also different. Like silk can easily hold heavy work, while cotton is good for threadwork. A georgette Anarkali can hold intricate beadwork and mirror work. Velvet is a rich fabric, so heavy stonework and zardozi work looks good on it.

Styling Tips for Anarkali Suits

The secret ingredient to add a dash of charm to your Anarkali suits for wedding is how you style it. There are countless ways to style your Anarkali suit set. If you are wearing an Anarkali with intricate work, go for a traditional Kundan choker with it. A cotton attire can be paired with pearl or silver ornaments. If the neckline is heavily embroidered, round studs are suggested so that you don’t take away the attention from the neckline. Always complete your look with subtle makeup and try hairstyles like a bun with a high-neck suit, curls with a deep neckline suit, or a high ponytail with a heavily done georgette Anarkali. Bangles, bindi, and the right footwear can add the much-needed charm to your look. Last but not least, don’t step out without having an ethnic potli or a trendy clutch with your attire.

Where to Find Anarkali Suits

Many top brands and designers excel in Anarkali suits. You can check out the collection at Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, and Tarun Tahiliani. In case you wish to explore Anarkali suits online, kalkifashion.com is your go-to destination. The platform is known for its rich quality and trendy taste. If you wish to enjoy the touch and feel experience, you can also visit KALKI’s offline store.


An Anarkali suit has been winning the hearts of women for a long time and is still continuing to impress fashion enthusiasts its appeal. It is versatile and easily reflects its traditional side while incorporating modern elements effortlessly. You can create iconic attire with your Anarkali suit if you choose the right type and fabric. Also, don’t forget to style your suit well to make heads turn for you. You can even make these suits a cherished wardrobe staple and pass them on to generations to come by taking proper care of them.

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