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Which style for which earrings?

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which earrings

You may not know it, but when choosing earrings, you should also consider your hair color and texture, as well as your face shape.

Hairstyle and earrings

When it comes to hairstyles, there are three things you need to consider: the length of your hair, the way you wear it, and the color of your hair.

Hair length and earrings
You love your long wavy hair, but when it comes to earrings, short hair means more freedom. With short hair, you can pretty much wear any type of earrings and you’ll look fabulous. For a sophisticated and contrasting look, chandelier earrings look best with short hair. As for longer hairstyles, avoid spikes or small hoops as they will conceal them. The best types of earrings for long hair are linear earrings and large gold hoops.

Hair color and earrings

Whatever your hair color, gold, gold-plated or platinum earrings will look great. They can be all metal or feature beautiful diamonds. If you have blonde hair, avoid white earrings. You need a contrasting color to make a pair of sapphire or ruby ​​earrings look stunning.

How to wear your earrings when you are brunette? You should avoid dark brown earrings. You can choose a beige color, for example, but the best colors are pastels. Cream, sky blue and delicate pink are some of the colors that will look great from your ears.

Finally, redheads should avoid very warm colors like orange, red or hot pink. Turquoise, blue, and green, however, will look stunning and complement your hair color perfectly.

Outfits, other jewelry and different types of earrings
Your outfit is a very important fact to consider when styling different types of earrings. There’s no general rule about what outfits you should wear with what earrings, but there are a few things to consider:

Fashion style

If you wear jeans and cotton, for example, diamond chandelier earrings might not work. A silk dress, on the other hand, will never look great with wooden earrings. The general rule is that earrings should reflect the type of fabric.  Pompom earrings, for example, won’t look great with turtlenecks, while ringlets will clash with a sweetheart neckline. When it comes to color, the rule is simple: make sure you don’t have too many colors and choose earrings that will match those of your outfit.

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