June 21, 2024

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Poppers, or the subtle art of succumbing to lightness

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Who hasn’t one day had the idea of ​​a naughty evening between adults, where voluptuousness competes with pleasure? Charm to sensuality? Like many, you then put on music that arouses desire, sieved the sources of light, and prepared a drink… pleasant. A little more? Why not add to this delightful atmosphere an extra in the form of poppers? One inhalation and everything becomes lighter.

What exactly are we talking about?

It is old but not at all outdated! Widespread for decades among gays, it has enjoyed comparable success among heterosexuals. Why ? Because when used correctly, rationally, the poppy is just fun! Legally. You can get it at a popper store .

Chemically, its active ingredient is amyl nitrite, or one of its nitrite derivatives. It comes in the form of a transparent liquid, in amber-yellow-orange tones. With a good vapor pressure, it is very volatile because it is light – you can therefore breathe it – and ignites easily, which disqualifies small candles for the glamorous atmosphere! It is important, for a novice, to make a reasoned use of it, by respecting a few simple rules.

How to make good use of it?

… Transient vasodilation effects are associated with the active principle of several aphrodisiac compounds. And like any good aphrodisiac, the poppy is a real sexual stimulant: it does not generate excitement, but accelerates and amplifies it!
Its use can be considered for uninhibited sexual intercourse but also for partying with friends, in a warm atmosphere of a naughty evening. Trying it for the first time does not commit you to anything, because it is not an addictive substance.As mentioned above, poppers are inhaled, respecting the manufacturer’s instructions. It should never be drunk. In fact, you will find in our shop different flavors, to vary the pleasures… olfactory. Using it as a room fragrance is the best thing to do… for collective pleasures, because it diffuses naturally by mixing with the surrounding air.

When the bottle is opened, the atmosphere quickly becomes lighter, and quite uninhibited. So, first rule: do not breathe in the smell when it comes out of the bottle. So don’t sniff it. You might as well enjoy it in a good-sized, well-ventilated room, where its pleasant fragrance will spread quickly. In addition to facilitating contact, it creates a sensual smell that will electrify the atmosphere! Of course, if anyone in the room complains of headaches or dizziness, just recap the bottle. Because there can be undesirable but harmless effects if you have inhaled too much: the best thing is to leave the room to cool off…

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